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What is Junmai (pure rice) sake(純米酒)?


For Junmai, or “pure rice” sake, the outer layer of the sake rice is polished to roughly 70% of its original weight. A specific milling rate will be provided for guests on the label. All Junmai is made with only three ingredients, sake rice, koji (rice malt), and water with no brewer’s alcohol added. This results in a fuller and richer body than the Ginjo types, and pairs well with a variety of foods.


Modern Japanese Cuisine


Come enjoy the tranquil ambiance of our seasonal menu and modern Japanese cuisine. We encourage guests to come and see all the Kansai region proudly offers.

Established in 1973, Konishiya has been a pioneer in introducing guests to the original style of Japanese cuisine, including Junmai (pure rice) sake. Each morning the chef purchases fresh ingredients for your enjoyment, based on booked reservations. We pride ourselves in being a place guests can enjoy authentic Japanese meals, varieties of sake, wine and Japanese tea. Our one-of-a-kind menu consists of over 20 carefully selected sakes and a number of our chef’s choice dishes (Omakase).


“We hope to bring you the experience of the seasons – through all of your senses. And we cordially look forward to serving you.” – Kishi Ukitada (Chef/Owner)




*The latest booking time for lunch reservations is 12:30pm.

*This is to accomodate the meal preparation time.


*Reservations are welcome but not required. Walk-ins are also welcome.




We only offer chef’s choices (Omakase), which includes 10 kinds of dishes for approximately two hours.

10,000~20,000 yen plus drinks per guest


*The consumption tax will be added.

*Please let us know if you have any preferences when you make a reservation.

*Cash only (Your understanding is appreciated.)


Room Information

-Counter with chairs

17 seats


-Japanese tatami room

16 seats (maximum) with no chairs or 10 seats (maximum) at table

*Smoking is prohibited at counter area.



Please call 079-563-5248 for best availability.

*If the phone line is busy, please leave a message.

  If you leave us a voicemail, please be aware that your reservation is not secured until you receive a confirmation call back from us.

*We are unable to return calls made from international phone numbers.



Up to 5 vehicles

*Designated driver service can be made available upon request.



1-13-28 Miwa Sanda

Hyogo, 669-1513



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